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Amethyst Daydreams—”This book is one of my favorite reads of this year.”

A Battalion Of Words—”effortless prose and authentic characters”

Berds Fly—”I definitely recommend reading this book.”

Bibliophilic Book Blog—”a novel which will touch the hearts of all who read it.”

The Book Babe—”This book is really ground-breaking, especially in the YA industry, and I’m proud to be a part of it’s delivery.”

Books for YA!—”Everyone can relate to this story, whether they’re straight or gay or born between sexes. A really enjoyable read.”

Christi The Teen Librarian—”Simon takes great care with her writing and the result is a gentle novel about a strong girl”

Christian Fiction Reviews—”It leaves the reader with a lot to think about…”

Christian Reads—””The writing is excellent, the dialogue realistic and the character of Jamie immediately likeable…”

Laura Ann Dunks, Author—”a brilliant gripping story”

I’d So Rather Be Reading—”Jamie’s struggle with gender was so heart-wrenching that I will not soon be able to forget her.”

Jesse Kimmel-Freeman—”Lianne is a master at weaving this tale.”

Karen’s Choice—Books—”This book is special in so many ways. Simon’s writing style is fantastic, she knows how to write Jamie’s feelings without telling them directly to us.”

Literary Aficionado—”Lianne Simon is as much a poet as she is a prose author. This exceptionally sensitive book sings, and in making that choice in her writing Simon has created something far more than a study of gender conflict: she has created a hymn to all young teenagers who face some of the most impossibly difficult decisions and life choices imaginable.”

Lost In A YA Wonderland—”Read this book!! It’s awesomely unique,…”

Miki’s Hope—”This book really grabbed me, the only reason I put it down was because of no electricity due to Hurricane Sandy.”

My Home Away From Home—”The journey that you go on while reading this book is nothing short of amazing. It made me ask myself who am I really?”

The Paige-Turner—”I’ve never read such a deep emotional book like this one”

Political Outcast —”…an eye for detail and an unwavering candidness that I found extremely refreshing…”

Rainbow Book Reviews—”The writing is strong, the characters are likeable, and with a love story to carry the reader through, everything comes together nicely in the end.”

Reflections in Hindsight (Lisa J. Lickel, Author) —”This unique story opens a whole new dimension in literary works for today’s culture.”

Reviewing What I’m Reading—”Wow. Just wow. I think this topic was handled extremely well by the author.”

Shelly’s LGBT Book Review Blog—”You’ll enjoy this book and, at the same time, you’ll learn a great deal about these marginalized members of our society”

The Towering Pile—”I’m not sure I’ve done it justice, but trust me when I say that you should read this book. It’s a moving, powerful story, and you might just learn a thing or two while you’re reading it.”

Young Adult Book Reviews by Liz Winn—”…an enlightening, eye-opening experience…”

Interviews & Articles

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The Mod Podge Bookshelf—The Character of Names—Faie Names—by Lianne Simon

Frock Magazine—Intersex and Gender—by Lianne Simon

Healthy Family Spirit—Raising a Faie Child—by Lianne Simon

I Am A Reader Not A Writer—Interview

I Like These Books—The First Faie Child I Met—by Lianne Simon

It’s Raining Books—Interview—5 Things You Might Never Guess

Jeanz Book ReadNReview—Interview

Carrie Lynn Lewis—Mixed POV—Taking Advantage of Broken Rules—by Lianne Simon

Moonlight Gleam’s Books—Character Interview with Mrs. Kirkpatrick by Lianne Simon

MuseItUp Publishing Blog—SUCCEED—For Your Faie Child by Lianne Simon

Pretty in Fiction—Someone You Know Is Faie by Lianne Simon

Jess C Scott—Interview

Pembroke Sinclair—Interview

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YA Book Season—Interview


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